Martyrs International Message


O’ God! I do not go to jihad (holy war) just to be killed: I go with the aim to make peaceful life easier for others

O’ God! I ask You to give me enough power and strength and to protect me against the enemies so that I can struggle more in Your Way.

And please, as You have promised us in Quran, send your Angles to me to guard me, to assist me in fighting against the tyrants.

O’ God! Now that I look back at my passed life, it was not more useful than an hour or even a second…

And if my life is going to last long and my youth is going to reach old age,

I don’t think it will be different from what has passed so far;

So, I beg You, my God! Not to tie me to this worldly life, not to make me satisfied and pleased with its short-term pleasures.


We have an aim in our struggle in God’s Way, much higher than gaining worldly properties and wealth;

How different is the one who expects to collect straws from his hard work on a farm land,

Compared to the one who sows but in order to reap wheat in abundance:

The first will collect some straw at most, while the latter will have the wheat together with piles of straw!

O’ God! I take refuge to You from doing a deed motivated by hypocrisy and ostentation…

Now that I step in the Way of Jihad toward You,

If there are impurities in my intention, please either have my legs both broken so that I may not go farther from You, or please forgive me with Your Utmost Kindness and Blessings…

I have no fear of getting martyred; rather, I fear to die in bed…

Please get these written on my grave:

“The person lying here has, either been killed with an intention to show-off and with insincere intention, or has been blessed with martyrdom by his Dear God;

If it is the first case, he asks God the Beneficent the Merciful to forgive him, and he asks you all to pray for him and to assist him in receive salvation;

And if it be the second case, he is a Shahid ( a martyr) whose blood has been shed in the Way of God; therefore, he needs not to worry and all thanks be to God for such a glory…

And here is his message to the coming generations, those of hundreds or thousands years after him:

I warn you, the way a creditor warns the one indebted to him

Lest you may not waste the blessings you have reached through our endeavors

We struggled with the only aim to spread the Words of God in His world

And it is now your duty to protect the values of Islamic Revolution, established by God’s help and by our bloods

Thus we’ve held it in trust with you

And those who protect it, will have a share of God’s Rewards for us,

And those who waste it, have assisted the enemy of God in killing us.


Mohammad Taee, September 1979


--- متن انگلیسی وصیت نامه شهید طایی---


If I am destined be killed

In case my body couldn’t be identified

Or it would be left unburied somewhere unknown, for the creatures who need to feed upon

That’s alright

But if God decrees that I be buried in the martyrs’ graveyard

Please have this Will written above my grave

So that it can be read

Even after my grave-stone is worn by the passage of years

And it is better to emboss it on the “Heart of the History” so that it will never get forgotten

Since this message is addressed to the coming generations,

Those of tomorrow, and of later centuries and millenniums to come:

“In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

It is an age that the blood-covered body of a young person is buried here

Yes, here lies the one who rose up with the aim to strengthen God’s Way;

The one who sacrificed his entire being so that the enemies of Truth may not prevail,

A sacrifice to be grateful for if God’s satisfaction is attained by.

I never deserve any rewards for what I did:

I only gave in God’s Way what God Himself had given me

And He only got back the things He Himself had owned.

I shall therefore celebrate my freedom now:

Freedom from the painful and grievous loneliness of the grave,

Freedom from the horrible dark passage through the Hereafter,

Freedom from the burning tortures of the Hell-fire.

Nevertheless, the person who lies here greatly fears that his words or actions might be polluted by hypocrisy and ostentation,

might be misled from truthfulness, sincerity and the Straight Path into the highways of Satan’s temptations and of falsehood.

And if, God forbid, it be so, I humbly ask you all to pray to God to forgive me, please.

Since asking God to forgive others may bring such blessings to you that can cause my salvation as well.

But in case God the Almighty has bestowed upon this young person, me, and regarded him through His Mercy among the martyrs of His Way,

Then you who read this now need to pace this graveyard peacefully,

And sit a while to think over my words:

“Here lies the a servant of God, a martyr who praises God alone eternally

A person who, from now on, glorifies his Lord each and every second,

A person whose first wish is to be able, in his timeless heavenly life, to appreciate God’s endless blessings upon him, some very great blessings which he has attained through very little endeavor;

Yes, this person has lived his worldly life under the bitter oppression of the tyrants

And has done his best for the Islamic Revolution both before and after its establishment;

And has seen Imam Khomeini, has eagerly listened to his words, and has asked God to help him sincerely obey this leader.

And now is a Shahid (a witness) to your deeds as well as to those of the generations to come.

He wishes to confess that he has several wishes about his past:

He wishes he had never forgotten God in the short span of his earthly life;

He wishes he had never spent even a moment without struggling in God’s Way and for God’s Satisfaction

He wishes he had read more of the Quran;

that he had done more istighfar (asking God for forgiveness),

He wishes he had never felt immune from God’s Wrath without being pious and God-fearing

He wishes he had refrained from aimlessness;

that he had learned from the experiences of those before him ;

He wishes he had never forgotten that human is being tested all the rime in all places

So that he wouldn’t have gotten impatient or ill-tempered easily,

he wouldn’t have gotten hopeless and miserable for losing something nor would he have become boastful and proud of gaining another.

But now that his time is over,

He sincerely hopes that other servants of God may surpass him in following the above;

He has no envy or jealousy regarding this: God’s Mercy is Vast enough to cover all and there is no need to be stingy or jealous here!

And finally, I advise you to keep piety and to compete with each other in being pious;

As: “The pioneers in piety are the nearest to God.” (Holy Quran, Surah Alwaqia)

Peace be upon you,

Mohammad Taee, November 23rd, 1980

سفارش پروژه برنامه نویسی